French Lingerie

Lingerie is so synonymous with France that the word even comes from the French language. In French the word simply means womenís undergarments, but the real undergarments people think of these days when they hear the word lingerie, or particularly French lingerie, is of heavily eroticised and sensual or romantic clothing that many women like to wear. If this is what comes to your mind when you hear about French lingerie, then France is definitely a good place to visit if you would like to see more.

Today there are a great many types of lingerie and a great many styles, and by no means do all of them come from France, but to be certain if there is one country that can call itself the home of lingerie than it is France.

First of all, you have to decide whether it is the history and manufacture of lingerie that interests you, or is it the exotic and classy designers that interest you, or the stores that provide the world with the best and most famous lingerie in the world? In any case, whatever aspect of lingerie you would like to find out more about, France will offer you the perfect opportunity to find out more, to learn about lingerie and to really get a taste for one of our cultures most eroticised and persistently fascinating forms of fashion and design.

For France, lingerie is not just about underwear, but also a facet of this great countryís rich cultural heritage and another gift form France to the world. Up until the beginning of the twentieth century, lingerie largely symbolised womenís subservience to men, requiring great attention to care and cleaning of the garments and giving the women who wore it a distorted and unnatural appearance.

However, it was a Frenchman by the name of Paul Poiret who revolutionised the lingerie industry and decided that what was needed, to fit both the changing cultural and political position of women, as well as the tastes of society in general and their idea of beauty was a more natural look. Ever since, France has been at the forefront of the lingerie industry and whatever aspect of this fascinating topic interests you, France will give you every opportunity to find out more.

Centred in Paris, the French fashion houses, from the House of Worth, to Poiretís own house, are an experience in luxury, fashion, style and decadence that is not to be missed.