The sheer number of activities in France is staggering. Whether you’re after a rustic no-frills camping holiday or a luxury break that includes five-star everything, France has something to suit every taste and budget.

For the foodies among you, the country will delight you at every turn with its gastronomic masterpieces. It almost goes without saying, but French Chocolate and wine tours are without parallel and are must for any serious culinary arts practitioner. You can also construct your own cheese tour as every region in France produces its own fine goats and/or cows milk varieties.

Those of you more inclined to sport will find France to just the ticket. With world class skiing and golf as well as plenty of adventure sports and truly stunning hiking, there are few other European countries that can offer the total package.

Spain has been quite popular for Britons seeking fun in the sun but the French Riviera has much to offer those interested in a beach holiday. The Mediterranean climate is the perfect antidote to dull, grey English skies.

The accommodation on offer is just as varied as the activities. A villa in the south of France, a grand chateau, a rustic barn conversion or a comfy holiday cottage are available for short or long term hire and will make your holiday truly unique. Gites and holiday cottage owners are notoriously friendly and will do their very best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Camping is extremely popular in France so there is an abundance of campsites located throughout the country. Those interested in getting back to nature will appreciate sites located deep in the French countryside while those that are interested in combining camping with a more urban holiday may prefer sites located at the edge of town. If you are so inclined, France has many naturist centres many of which are set on beautiful country properties.

France’s geographical proximity and excellent rail and air links make it ideal for a weekend city break. Whisking your special someone off to Paris for a romantic weekend is never a bad idea. If an evening walk down the banks of the Seine is a bit too cliché, there are plenty of other French cities that will do the trick.

Skiing in the Alps, wine in Burgundy, cheese in Munster, villas and beaches on the Riviera…what more could a person need?