Activity Holidays

Looking for a summer adventure holiday that will truly be memorable? Your best bet is to head straight for the French Alps. There a multitude of activities available and what you take part in is limited only by your imagination…and perhaps your budget.

The traditional alpine activities of hiking as well as mountain biking are widely available on ski hills throughout the Alps. The ski lifts come in very handy and offer a great way to get up the hill quickly. There are thousands of runs on offer that range from super-expert/daredevil to something more suitable for a novice.

Hiking in the Alps in an entirely different experience to hill walking in the Lake District. Guided tours are available that reach peaks of over 3200 feet and allow you to see all the way to Switzerland on a clear day. If you are lucky, you will also get an excellent view of Mont Blanc

Climbing is an immensely popular sport and there are plenty of places to partake. There is very generous allowances for beginners and many companies have dedicated training faces. Safety is of great importance to climbing instructors and they will often top rope you so you can concentrate on planning your route. Harnesses, climbing shoes and chalk bags are usually supplied.

France’s inland rivers provide the perfect opportunity for a bit of white water rafting. If you fancy a half-day of hard paddling through choppy waves, swirling eddies while dodging jutting rocks and preparing for heart-stopping descents, then white water rafting is definitely an adventure you won’t want to miss.

The very latest French adventure craze is called Acrobranch and is, quite literally, an adventure park in the treetops. Another wildly popular addition is canyoning. This is an entire days worth of fun that involves a wetsuit, climbing harness and a river gorge. When you arrive at a waterfall, you are free to jump off the precipice, abseil down the face of the falls or use the water as you would a toboggan and fly over the edge. Not for the feint of heart!

When you are taking out travel insurance for this holiday, be sure to mention the activities you will be taking part in. Most standard travel insurance policies have a lot of exclusions when it comes to high-risk activities. It is worth getting the correct policy since an injury caused by an adventurous activity will void your insurance and leave you with no coverage.