Beach Holidays

If itís a beach holiday youíre after, the French Riviera is the place to go. No other place in France is so totally devoted to fun in the sun. Ever sine the expansion of the French railway has made travelling south convenient, British people have been travelling to the Riviera. At first is was for health reasons as sun was thought to be a cure-all for those of a delicate disposition but it quickly became a holidaymakers playground.

There is a fairly large airport in Nice, which is convenient for flying a budget airline from the UK. Alternatively you could fly to Paris and take the train or drive further south. If you are on an extended holiday and have a bit of extra time, driving could well be worth the effort as youíll be able to see much more of the beautiful French landscape.

The Riviera is full of resorts that cater to all types of holidaymakers. You can find one that have dedicated childrenís programmes during the day, perfect if you want to leave the kids for a couple of hours and enjoy some uninterrupted time in the sun. Also, there are resorts that are designed exclusively for adults and therefore do not allow children.

If self-catering is more your speed, it is possible to enjoy the beach in more private accommodation as well. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, discos and clubs to keep you occupied no matter where you stay.

When you tire of lazing about on golden sand and listening to the waves, there is a multitude of other activities available. If you fancy shopping, there are plenty of deals to be found in the nearby cities of Nice or Cannes or you could poke around in the seaside villages for some truly unique treasures. Those seeking a more active holiday can find such diverse activities as hiking, cycling, ballooning, open water kayaking, climbing and golf available. There is something for everyone at the beach.

If the Riviera is a bit too glitzy for you, there are some fantastic beaches in Brittany. Located in the Northwest of France, Brittany is ideal for those on a short holiday as it is convenient for both the Euro tunnel and the ferry. Brittany is largely rural and is well suited to those who prefer a quieter, more relaxed vacation. Quimper, in particular, is a fantastic place to experience the sea in Northern France.