City Breaks

Got a free weekend? Looking to surprise that special someone? Why not whisk them off to a city break in France? It is a large country so there are plenty of cities to visit, each with its own distinct character. For that romantic getaway, your first thought will naturally be Paris but is worth investigating cities like Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux or Strasbourg.

A French city break can be quite exciting as there is always something to do. Since a large part of the country is under vine, it is quite likely that the city you choose will be located near a wine region Wine tasting is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon and you may even find a bargain at one of the vineyards.

After you have imbibed some first-class wine, you may wish to move on to some first-class food. As you would expect, there is no shortage of fine restaurants in France. You can enjoy a multi-course smorgasbord française or perhaps choose a more intimate candlelit dinner for two on a café terrace.

There are plenty of other things to do if food and drink aren’t enough to lure you on a French city break. Bigger cities like Paris or Lyon offer you the chance to be a true cosmopolitan and indulge in some serious shopping. Whether your prefer haute couture designs or original treasures from tiny, tucked away shops, you’ll find it all in Paris. Those of you who fancy a bit of culture will find the opera and ballet at the Bastille to be more than satisfactory.

Of course, you can always be a tourist and visit the city sights. A visit to the Musée d’Orsay, Versailles or Sacre Coeur is never time wasted. There are plenty of historical places to visit outside of Paris as well. Each city will have a cathedral to explore as well as loads of local architecture and history to investigate.

It is quite easy to get a package deal for a French city break and often you can find one for a very good price, particularly in the low season. Autumn is a very good time to visit, especially Paris as all the tourists are gone and all the Parisians have returned to the city. It is almost worth the plane ride just to take a walk along the Seine in the crisp, autumn air.

Getting budget flights to France is relatively easy as well, especially if you live close to Stansted. Reasonably priced flights are available from Manchester and other London airports as well.

So, book your flight and pack your case…France vous attends!