Buying in France

There are few things that will link you to a country more strongly than buying property there. If you have a love for France, want to immerse yourself in the French culture, or grow old gazing at the beautiful French scenery, than buying a second home in France can be an attractive proposition. However, as well as a love of the country, and a desire to spend time there soaking up the atmosphere, there are a number of other factors that are influencing Britons when deciding to buy a second home in France.

The first is definitely proximity. Despite the turbulent history, France is Englandís closest neighbour and with the success of the Eurotunnel, there are now more options than ever for getting from the UK to France in a reasonable amount of time. For many people now, it will be practical, and also affordable, to nip over to the north of France for a weekend away. Even if you have your eyes set on something a little more South, and therefore warm, the advent of cheap European flights means that you can now get from a great many UK airports to almost anywhere in France for a very reasonable price.

As well as physical proximity, there is also a legal similarity that makes it easy and secure to buy property in France. With the stability of French property law, and of the French property market, as well as an opening up of the economies of France and the UK as a result of EU membership, there are no very little barriers to a UK resident buying a property in France, and there is very little risk of a political or other upset ruining the investment you have made.

Then there is the fact that the pound is very strong. When you also take into account to strength of the UK housing market, particularly in the South of England, it can make many dream homes in France appear like an absolute bargain to those who are more accustomed to looking at the prices of two bedroom flats in central London. In fact, no matter where you live in the UK these days, there are significant areas of France where you will find the property prices to be extremely attractive.

All of these factors, combined with the increasing affluence of the UK, and the continuing fascination with the French culture and heritage, make buying a home in France an attractive proposition for many UK residents.