Learning French

If there is one thing that people note again and again after visiting France, it is the French pride. While some see it as veering a little on the side of arrogance, others will see it as a direct result of the great contribution that the French have given to world culture and art, and one of the most endearing aspects of the country and the culture that you are visiting France to see.

Whatever your view on the matter, it is always a good idea, before visiting France, to make a little effort to learn some French. Not only is French a beautiful language that is still the official language of diplomacy and international institutions such as the United Nations and the European Court of Justice, but learning a little will also give you access to some of the most famous works of literature ever written.

However, even if this were not the case, learning even a little French will also make any trip to France more rewarding. Not only will you get more out of tours and be able to learn more about the country, but you will learn things about the places you visit, and interact more with the French people in ways that all the guidebooks and tourist operators in the world could never give you.

Most travellers from the UK will already have a basic knowledge of French from school. Even if you have forgotten every last word and very you ever learned in those distant class room days, the basics of how you pronounce the words and read the alphabet will have been ingrained into you and you may be surprised at just how quickly you find yourself picking up the language and being able to make a descent effort at communicating. You may even find yourself becoming hooked and fall in love with the language. If this is the case, then you will embark on a fascinating life long journey into what must be one of the worlds most remarkable languages.

If you are really interested in taking French more seriously, then you can always consider taking a course with a language school. While this is possible in the UK, there is nothing more enjoyable than learning a language in the actual country and there are many French language courses in France for you to also choose from.

In any case, getting access to the materials with which to learn some French is not difficult. Virtually every book shop in the UK will sell some self help books that will teach you the basics of French. These will vary from phrase books designed to help you with the common phrases that tourists generally use, to the basics of grammar and vocabulary that will start you off on your journey into the French language.