French Revision

There are a great many people in the UK who have taken at least some French language lessons in the past. French is the most popular choice of language in school and there are now many primary schools that will also offer an introductory set of lessons in French to give children a head start.

However, despite all of this French teaching in British schools and the number of people who have taken at least some French at some point in their past, the fact remains that very few British adults will say that they are confident and fluent in French. While many people will be able to say a few basics, they will have forgotten the vast majority of the French they once knew.

If you are one of these people, and if you would like to get your French back up to the standard that it was once at, then you should probably consider doing a little French revision. Of course if you have never taken any French classes and you are starting from scratch, then you will need to consider taking lessons or learning French from a book, starting with the very basics. However, if you have got some knowledge of French in there, in the back of your mind, then learning from scratch is not necessary.

This is lucky as it can be a lot more interesting and a lot more fun to revise and reawaken the knowledge of a language you already have, rather than starting from the beginning. You will also find that your knowledge and progress is a lot more rapid the second time around.

There are a number of ways you can approach revision of a language such as French. Probably the most serious is to enrol in an actual revision language course that is set at the right level to suit your abilities. Alternatively, you there are a number of good French revision books available on the market. These are aimed primarily at students revising for exams and are very well presented and affordable.

However, if studying French in the same way as you did in school is less than appealing to you right now, then there are a couple of ways that you may find more interesting. One is to watch some French television programmes or even try reading a French language newspaper such as Le Monde which is available on line. Of course, the best way to revise any language is to go to the country and immerse yourself in it.