Never before have travelers had so many options to choose from when visiting France, especially from England. Ferry service across the English Channel is a unique and relaxing way to visit France from England while flying provides quick travel time and other benefits. The Eurostar train service and Eurotunnel options make visiting Paris and other cities a breeze.

the freedom and flexibility of having a vehicle is necessary and indispensable
the freedom and flexibility of having a vehicle is necessary and indispensable

While in France, the railway system is one of the world’s best and is convenient to use to move from city to city. For the ultimate flexibility when traveling through France, rental cars provide visitors with the freedom to travel at their leisure.

Not everyone can enjoy taking their own vehicle to France from England and a vehicle is called for when going from one place to another while visiting France. If an individual is traveling without a tour group or guide, the freedom and flexibility of having a vehicle is necessary and indispensable. Luckily, the French welcome their visitors by offering a number of options for hiring a car for a day, a weekend or even for a much longer period of time.

Eurostar is a train service linking London with Paris as well as many other European cities. Eurostar trains travel across the English Channel through the Channel Tunnel, which is the railroad tunnel between France and England under the English Channel. The French section of this railway uses the high-speed trains known as TGV’s and the English are at this time building a new line that is of the same measure as the TGV. The travel time between London and Paris at this time is about two and a half hours and is expected to be lessened by twenty minutes once the English begin to use their faster train service by the year 2007. These new plans include an expansion that will offer service to those living to the North of London.

In addition to Paris, visitors from England can also arrive in the city of Lille in Northern France. Eurostar also takes passengers directly to Disneyland in Paris, to Avignon during the summer season and to Aime-la-Plagne, Bourg-Saint-Maurice and Moutiers in the French Alps during ski season. Although originally intended for fast travel between London and Paris, the expansion of Eurostar service and destinations has proven to be financially beneficial for both Eurostar and their passengers.

Eurotunnel plc (Great Britain) and Eurotunnel S.A. (France) collectively make up the Eurotunnel Group that manages and runs the Channel Tunnel between England and France. Eurotunnel operates the car shuttle that carries road vehicles through the Channel Tunnel. The shuttle takes passenger vehicles in double-decked railcars and earns other income on trains including freight and passenger that move through the tunnel. Eurotunnel also provides construction and upkeep of the tunnel infrastructure, operation of freight through trains, sale of telecom services, management of retail facilities, installation of fiber optic cables and the operation of Eurostar high-speed passenger trains.

Flying to France is often the least expensive way to travel from England especially in when combined with car rental and accommodation packages. Almost every major vacation destination within France has an airport nearby with an assortment of different airlines to choose from. When traveling to France it is important to know about any custom regulations that might apply to currency and other purchases that are being transported in or out of the country.

Ferries that were once meant to keep trade and economical flows sustained ended up being recognized as an economical and quite pleasant way for the English to travel to France and enjoy what the French have to offer and continue to transport passengers today. Many ferries are equipped with bars, stores, restaurants and comfort stations to make travelling on a ferry an enjoyable and memorable experience. Some ferries even allow their passengers to enjoy gambling in their casinos. Another benefit to traveling to France from England on a ferry is that passengers can opt to transport their car with them on the ride across the channel. Instead of having to hire a car for travelling through France, visitors can enjoy riding from location to location in their own vehicle.

The choice of travel services within France as well as in and out of France provides service that can meet a number of different needs depending on each individual traveler. Nothing could make visitors to France feel more welcome than the number of options available for travel in France.