Eurostar is a train service connecting London with Paris as well as many other European cities. Eurostar trains travel across the English Channel through the Channel Tunnel, which is the railroad tunnel between France and England under the English Channel. The French section of this railway uses the high-speed trains known as TGV’s and the English are currently building a new line that is of the same measure as the TGV.

The travel time between London and Paris at this time is about two and a half hours and is expected to be lessened by twenty minutes once the English begin to use their faster train service by the year 2007. This includes an expansion that will offer service to those living to the North of London.

In addition to Paris, visitors from England can also arrive in the city of Lille in Northern France. Eurostar also takes passengers directly to Disneyland in Paris, to Avignon during the summer season and to Aime-la-Plagne, Bourg-Saint-Maurice and Moutiers in the French Alps during ski season.

EuroStar trains make up to sixteen runs to Paris each day with nine stops in Lille
EuroStar trains make up to sixteen runs to Paris each day with nine stops in Lille

Once only intended for fast travel between London and Paris, the expansion of Eurostar service and destinations has proven to be financially beneficial for both Eurostar and their passengers.

When traveling on a Eurostar train, it is a different experience than if one were traveling by train through the French or English countryside. With Euro Star, the traveler is take from their destination of origin to their ultimate destination without transfers or waiting time. The trains with Eurostar are much easier to board than if a person were to take an airplane instead without lengthy check in requirements. Also passengers aboard Euro Star trains are able to enjoy their travel time by taking a walk without restrictions, work on the laptop or just chat with other passengers.

Multiple ‘class’ level tickets are available on Eurostar trains. The Standard Class offers carriages with bars and even food to enjoy during any trip. The First Class and Premium tickets offer Champagne and outstanding refreshments.

Eurostar trains make up to sixteen runs to Paris each day along with nine stops in Lille. Service stops at Calais Frethun take place four times each day as well. English travelers can catch up to fourteen trains each day at the Ashford International terminal. In addition to these stops, Euro Star offers connecting tickets for more than 100 ultimate destinations throughout Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Since Eurostar began providing service in 1994, it has more than doubled in the number of travelers between London and Paris. More than sixty million passengers are estimated to have traveled using Eurostar during their first ten years of operations.

Eurostar travelers need to check-in at least thirty minutes before their scheduled train departs if they already have their tickets in hand or at least forty-five minutes before departure if ticket still need to be obtained. Anyone travelling by Business First, Premium First and Standard flexi tickets only need to check in ten minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of their train. Baggage is allowed on Eurostar trains with a limit of each bag being no more than two meters long. Weight has no restrictions, but each bag must be able to be placed into the storage racks. Each Eurostar passenger is allowed to travel with two pieces of basic luggage and one carry on bag.

With flexibility and swift speeds, traveling by Eurostar is one of the most preferred methods of transportation for those wishing to visit Paris, Lille and many other European destinations. With the expansion and easy accessibility provided in England and France, a day trip or long stay in either location is a possibility for everyone.