Eurotunnel plc (Great Britain) and Eurotunnel S.A. (France) collectively make up the Eurotunnel Group that manages and runs the Channel Tunnel between England and France.

Eurotunnel operates the car shuttle that carries road vehicles through the Channel Tunnel. The shuttle moves passenger vehicles in double-decked railcars and earns other income on trains including freight and passenger that move through the tunnel. Eurotunnel also provides construction and upkeep of the tunnel infrastructure, operation of freight through trains, sale of telecom services, management of retail facilities, installation of fiber optic cables and the operation of Eurostar high-speed passenger trains.

Eurotunnel operates four different types of train services. Eurostar is the high-speed passenger train that takes travelers through the Channel Tunnel to a number of destinations including Paris and Lille. The Eurotunnel shuttle is a rail ferry service that moves cars, coaches and vans often while passengers remain in their vehicles. The Eurotunnel shuttle was previously marketed under the name Le Shuttle. Eurotunnel freight shuttle trains carry large motor trucks on open rail wagons with the vehicle drivers in separate passenger cars. Eurotunnel’s rail freight service transfers a variety of loads between France and England.

Eurostar trains are the fastest travelling trains through the tunnel at this point, but the English are constructing their own high-speed train expected for completion in 2007. These trains will be like the French TGV high-speed trains currently running from France to England. Expansion proposals are always deliberated within Eurotunnel including the expansion of lines between Zealand and southern Sweden, but there currently are no concrete plans for such a discourse.

Although there are other ways to travel between England and France, Eurotunnel provides a fast and affordable alternative that makes what might seem to be a huge travel undertaking with other means of transportation a simple and enjoyable ride. In just a couple of hours, travelers can be at their destination without the hassle of waiting in an airport for several hours or enduring an upset stomach due to seasickness on a ferry. Eurotunnel also provides travelers with the opportunity to travel with their own vehicle and even with their pet when following their specific travel guidelines. Visitors to any location serviced by Eurotunnel can enjoy beverages and meals in addition to the freedom to move about while traveling.

Traveling through the Channel Tunnel or sometimes referred to as the ‘Chunnel’ beneath the English Channel at the Straights of Dover is a unique experience available to anyone wishing to make the trip. Upon completion in 1994 Eurotunnel has and continues to overcome many obstacles in order to provide exceptional service to passengers using the second-longest rail tunnel in the world. Eurotunnel provides travelers with a number of service combinations available to meet all travel needs to plan a complete holiday.