The first ferry to travel between Great Britain and France across the Channel was in 1841. The ferry was intended to keep up the connection between English and transcontinental railways. Ferries that were meant to keep trade and economical flows sustained ended up being recognized as an economical and quite pleasant way for the English to travel to France and enjoy what the French have to offer.

Instead of having to hire a car for travelling through France, visitors can enjoy riding from location to location in their own vehicle
Instead of having to hire a car for travelling through France, visitors can enjoy riding from location to location in their own vehicle

Many ferries are equipped with bars, stores, restaurants and comfort stations to make travelling on a ferry an enjoyable and memorable experience. Some ferries even allow their passengers to try their hand at gambling in their casinos. Another benefit to traveling to France from England on a ferry is that passengers can opt to transport their car with them on the ride across the channel. Instead of having to hire a car for travelling through France, visitors can enjoy riding from location to location in their own vehicle.

English visitors to France have a number of ferries that they can choose from. Some of the most well known ferry services include Eurotunnel, Stenna Line, Hoverspeed, P&O and Brittany Ferries. Each service is individual and many patrons prefer a particular ferry for reasons aside from price. While one ferry service may be less expensive than another, choosing a particular ferry may include features beyond price.

France has a number of ports for visitors from England and other locations to visit when arriving by ferry. The port of Roscoff enters into a fishing village in West Brittany that is arrived at by ferry from Plymouth. The benefit of entering France through Roscoff is that visitors can travel throughout the rest of Brittany without encountering any toll roads. Visitors may decide to remain at the port of Roscoff to enjoy meals at many different seafood restaurants or relaxing on beautiful beaches along an outstanding coastline.

St. Malo is an ancient town surrounded by embankment walls full of wonderful dining and cafes where patrons enjoy their drinks on pavement along the sidewalks. St. Malo has beautiful stretches of beach for visitors to enjoy during their stay. A number of English ports have ferries that make the trip to St. Malo on a regular basis including Poole, Portsmouth, Guernsey and Weymouth.

Cherbourg is, above all, known as a port whose residentís activities revolve around the sea and what the sea has to offer. The area of Cherbourg is a series of small ports that together form the Cotentin peninsula. English ferries make the trip from Poole and Portsmouth as well as other locations in Europe.

The port of Caen is historically significant, as it was where one of the brutal battles after the D-day landing took place. Visitors can enjoy the castles surrounded by large, protective walls as well as abbeys and narrow, winding streets. Nearby beaches include Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword.

The port of Le Harve in Normandy is popular to visitors looking to enjoy a mix of modern and classic art and architecture. Families frequently visit the seaside resort located in Le Harve for extended visits in France. The port of Dieppe is a major port for the Kingdom of France and has been since about the 16th century. The port of Boulogne is frequented for its marina and fishing.

Calais is the busiest port between England and France because it is the closest landing point between the two countries across the Channel. Dover and Folkestone along with other ferry services make the trip to the port of Calais on a regular basis.

Although there are alternative means of travelling to France from England, taking the ferry can be a unique and relaxing experience. What airlines and the Channel Tunnel canít provide, a ferry ride can. From fine dining and shopping to travelling with a personal vehicle and outstanding scenery while travelling, a ferry ride from England to France provides travelers who value their time and money a complete vacation experience.